Low Cost Internet

Low Cost Internet

PCs for People is NOT currently offering new internet modems from Clear.

New clients cannot purchase modems at our office at this time and we are also unable to activate any previously owned Clear modems. 

Information for Existing Clients

Clear has been acquired by Sprint and we will be transitioning existing clients to Sprint's LTE network over the next year. The new Sprint devices are not currently available, when they are, we will be posting updated information on our website. After the initial modem purchase, clients will be able to add time to their internet plan for the same prices we offered with Clear: 3 months for $40, 6 months for $75, or 12 months for $120. 

Current internet clients may still add either 1 month of service for $15 or 2 months for $20, but the final due date may not go past November 6th, 2015. Add time to your plan at internetrenewal.com or by calling 651-354-2552.

Other Low-Cost Internet Resources

Email us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. if you know of any other low-cost internet options.